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Graduate School Fundraiser


My ultimate goal for college is to complete a Master's degree in Biostatistics, which Texas A&M offers, that is entirely online. I have been accepted and started the program in September 2014. I am particularly interested in learning to work with physicians to help set up the designs for research studies and to analyze the results.

Due to a 20 year chronic illness, I have been evaluated and participated in many studies at a research center, and I have gotten to see first-hand how medical research studies work from the perspective of a patient. It has given me a refreshed vision of my life's goal - to be a biostatistician and be part of clinical research teams that are pursuing causes and treatments of chronic illnesses, in particular Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) / Orthostatic Intolerance (OI).

Since earning my bachelor's degree, I have been looking for ways to raise money to pay for graduate school. If you would like to help me (with graduate school and/or support the work I've done with this website), I would appreciate it!

I have been surprised by the lack of financial aid for graduate school. I have found only scholarships with very specific requirements and loans. (Due to my health issues, I am hesitant to take out loans.) If you know about anything else, please send me a note.

I may add some of my other fundraising ideas to this page, too.

If you shop through these website links, I will receive a percentage that I can use for school.

Thank you so much!



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